Hearty Boys Bible Studies, Summaries, and Commentaries

Who Are the Hearty Boys?

The Hearty Boys are a Bible-study group of men of all ages who enjoy discussing the Holy Scriptures, whether meeting in our church or participating online. We aim to prioritize and apply God's word in our lives by being one another's "accountability brothers."

Collectively, we see ourselves as ambassadors to exalt Christ. Each of us is his disciple who's eager to read, study, learn, and apply God's Scriptures to our daily lives, choosing to become fully devoted to him, as we become his true followers.

The Hearty Boys “Three E’s”

We believers in Jesus will continue to edify, equip, and empower one another to live for God's purpose by recognizing our full potential in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Equipped and empowered, we Hearty Boys leave each week's Bible study: eager to surrender to him; ready to edify a brother; committed to carrying our cross as we serve him; transformed with a renewed mind; ready to please God because his kingdom is now within us.

We remain careful in our daily walk knowing that, for some, we ourselves will be the only Bible that others in the world will ever read.

Topics Studied over the Past Seventeen Years

In no particular order, here are a number of Hearty Boys websites that Warren Camp created for long- and short-term Bible studies. They include Warren's commentaries, related movies and video clips, feature presentations, enjoyable quizzes, and more. Use any of these resources for your own Bible-study campaigns or start a new Bible study for your group.

Bible Studies, Summaries, and Commentaries

Here are Hearty Boys sites that offer weekly studies, videos, and Warren's summaries, questions and answers, and commentaries.

Weekly Bible study of 'Luke's Gospel'

Luke's Gospel

Weekly Bible study of Luke's 'Acts' volume


Weekly Bible study of 'Matthew's Gospel'

Matthew's Gospel

Weekly Bible study of '1 and 2 Corinthians'

1 and 2 Corinthians

Weekly Bible study of 'John’s Three Epistles'

John's Three Epistles

Weekly Bible study of '1 and 2 Samuel'

1 and 2 Samuel

Weekly Bible study of 'The Parables of Jesus'

Parables of Jesus

Weekly Bible study of 'Hebrews'


Weekly Bible study of '1 and 2 Peter'

1st and 2nd Peter


These open-book quizzes provide an enjoyable way to see what you know and remember about God's Holy Word. Questions come in various forms: multiple choice, "Yes or No," fill-in, and "True or False." Best of quizzing!

Take Warren's quiz of 'Jesus' Parables'

Quiz: Jesus' Parables

Quiz of Jesus' 'The Sermon on the Mount'

Quiz: Sermon on the Mount

Quiz of '1 Samuel'

Quiz: 1 Samuel

Quiz of '2 Samuel'

Quiz: 2 Samuel

Quiz of Luke's 'Acts' volume

Quiz: Acts

Quiz of John's 'Three Epistles'

Quiz: John's Epistles

Quiz of '1 and 2 Corinthians'

Quiz: 1 and 2 Corinthians

Quiz of the 'Hebrews' epistle

Quiz: Hebrews

Bible-Book Movies

Once in a while, a movie will come along which perfectly captures the message of the gospel of Jesus. In fact, there are several films that could serve as study guides to works of Scripture. These films can help Christians answer tough questions found in the books of the Bible.

Enjoy watching these selected, high-quality movie productions.

Our “Fave” Bible-Book and Bible-Theme Videos

Note: Both the Old and New Testaments are one unified story that leads to Jesus. These fully animated videos explore the books and key biblical themes of the Bible.

Enjoy watching these selected, high-quality video productions.

Christian Musical Performances — Classics

These music videos add majesty to the live performances of legendary tunes and hymns. Simply breathtaking. . .

Assorted Theme Movies and Videos

These superb productions come from select sources, such as The JESUS Film, The Bible Project, All-Audio Bible, My Savior My God, and others.


Peek at our Bible-study group's personal proclamation to see what we feel are our priorities, purpose, and commitment as children of God. Also find out who Warren Camp is and what he does for our Lord God.