Meet Warren Camp, the creative energy behind Warren Camp Design.

Warren Camp is the creative energy behind Warren Camp Design, now offering a full complement of Internet marketing and design solutions focusing primarily on Christian endeavors.

A self-declared e-minister, Warren creates custom websites, e-documents, and print communications that are distinctive, interactive, purposeful, and inspirational. WCD provides attractive, professional, and affordable web design, web development, web maintenance, graphic design, photo editing, and e-business consulting.

What sets WCD apart from other designers and marketers is a unique fusion of disciplines. Warren understands both the creative and technical aspects of website design, digital and print publishing, marketing, writing, copyediting, and more. His sites, documents, and productions are elegant, informative, and intuitive — an important combination in today's interactive market. Sample his latest creations on the following pages.

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Want to Be Seen on the Internet?   Looking For a Stronger Web Presence?

See the latest collection of WCD websites by clicking this image.
See the latest collection of WCD websites by clicking this text.
Here's Warren's custom-designed graphic of a fortune cookie with the WCD web address and an encouraging message therein.

Warren Camp Design can help you outperform your competition by communicating effectively and directly to your buyers, donors, voters, congregants, supporters, and up-and-coming members.

Communicate in a language that resonates with people's preferred medium:

Custom-crafted messaging is an effective, affordable tool. Warren Camp Design can help you identify and reach your target audiences. Warren can help you plan, design, write, lay out, program, launch, and track your upcoming direct marketing campaign.

To see WCD's Direct Marketing (a.k.a. Print Marketing) page, click here.

To see its Digital Marketing page, click here.

Warren's custom-designed WCD graphic highlighting clean, orderly design

Graphic Design — Keep It Clean, Keep It Orderly

Whatever you're creating — a brochure, résumé, web page, invitation, postcard, or the like — its basic purpose is to convey interesting, attractive information to your audience.

There are many elements of clean graphic design: color, typography, balance, rhythm — the list goes on and on. Graphic design is both effective and enjoyable when it's done with precision and control, as you'll see in this recent WCD design.

The following examples demonstrate that graphic design must be clean and organized to produce the intended results.

Posters, Invitations, Fliers, Newsletters / E-Newsletters, Coloring Pages, Logos, Brochures, Bookmarks, Business Cards, Door Hangers, Prayer Requests, Web Launches, Pew Sheets, Sympathy Expressions, Postcards, Scripture Pictures, Books and Magazines, Greeting Cards, and Wall and Desktop Calendars

Plus many more of Warren's graphic design creations.  See many more of Warren's creations on his graphic design page.

Warren Camp is proficient at photo editing, having invested more than 22 years in editing photo journalism images, taking them to their next creative level. Ask him to bring your artistic vision to life. He'll be happy to perform his digital artistry for you, editing your most challenging images (blurred, under- or over-exposed, faded, and so on).

See examples of his photo enhancements: creating borders and frames; restoring color; toning with sepia; antiquing, sharpening, highlighting, vignetting, and Warren's image of a clothesline holding some of his latest photo-editing creations.retouching images; adding reflection or text; adding a curl; making collages, storyboards, and composites; converting to pencil sketch, paint-by-number, watercolor, charcoal, and pastel; changing colors; creating Rubik's cubes, Warhol Pop Art, texture overlays, background changes, jigsaw puzzles, the comic book look; dramatic effects and HDR; and more. See Warren's latest samples.

Contact Warren Camp Design at 209-795-7661 or by email.Warren Camp and staff are hard at work in WCD's secret underground Internet laboratory.