The Art World’s Historic Commemoration of Peter

Thumbnail image of Saint Peter

Warren Camp’s presentation of 550 famous “Peter” works of art includes historic paintings, frescoes, stained glass, etchings, sculptures, engravings, and other artwork monuments. They come from the Gothic (1100–1400), High Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassical, and Romantic (1800s) eras.

All are popular works designed and created by celebrated artists, many of whom you’ll likely recognize, including Rembrandt, Raphael, Michelangelo, El Greco, Da Vinci, Masaccio, Huret, Ricci, Duccio, Galle, Tissot, Botticelli, Correggio, Dürer, Veneziano, Reni, Caravaggio, Giotto, Titian, Goya, Vasari, Rubens, and many more. They’ll bring back recollections of your Art History 101 classes and using Janson’s History of Art textbook.

• These photo albums complement the Bible-study commentaries Warren has written for “1st and 2nd Peter,” found here.

“Peter” Has Indeed Left an Artistic Mark on Our World

In these albums, see and learn about numerous “Peter” masterpieces created over the centuries by renowned art masters.

 Album 1:  “Peter, Alone” (32 images)
 Album 2:  “Calling Apostle Peter” (12@), “Preaching the Gospel” (6@), and “Powerful Pentecost” (16@)
 Album 3:  “Peter’s Presence with Other Apostles” (28@) and “Walking on Water” (7@)
 Album 4:  “Receiving the Keys of Heaven” (15@), “Transfiguration” (8@), and “Tribute Money” (14@)
 Album 5:  “Peter Heals People” (23@) and “The Miraculous Catch of Fish” (13@)
 Album 6:  “Peter Gets Freed from Prison” (30@)
 Album 7:  “Miscellaneous New Testament Depictions of Peter” (35@)
 Album 8:  “Christ Washes Peter’s Feet” (31@)
 Album 9:  “The Last Supper — Part 1” (33@ of 136)
 Album 10:  “The Last Supper — Part 2” (35@ of 136)
 Album 11:  “The Last Supper — Part 3” (34@ of 136)
 Album 12:  “The Last Supper — Part 4” (34@ of 136)
 Album 13:  “Christ’s Agony in the Garden” (32@)
 Album 14:  “Judas’ Kiss,” “Jesus’ Betrayal,” and “Malchus’ Ear” (36@)
 Album 15:  “Peter Denies Knowing Christ” (32@)
 Album 16:  “Repentant Peter” (17@) and “Peter’s Martyrdom/Crucifixion” (17@)
 And, in Album 17, “Stained Glass Windows Featuring Saint Peter” (34@)