The Gospel of Mark

Who Was Mark in the Bible?

John Mark, often just called Mark, was the author of the gospel of Mark, written sometime between AD 55 and 59. He was first mentioned as the son of a woman named Mary (Acts 12:12), whose house was being used as a place for believers to gather and pray. Later, Mark is mentioned as a companion of Barnabas and Paul during their travels together (v. 25).[1]

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Among the four gospels, Mark’s was the most neglected by the early church. The first half of this gospel concerns the identity of Jesus as the mighty Messiah and Son of God; the second half concerns the mission of Jesus. Shockingly, the Messiah isn’t here to conquer the oppressive Roman legions but to suffer and die as an atoning sacrifice for sins. Mark writes to show that Jesus’ crucifixion doesn’t negate his claim to be the Messiah, but rather affirms it![2]

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