Warren’s Bible-Study Commentaries and Summaries

Old and New Testament Bible Studies

For more than twenty years, e-minister Warren Camp has been researching Bible chapters, passages, and verses, then creating understandable, Scripture-backed commentaries. Each of his commentaries is easy to use, organized chapter by chapter, verse by verse. Written in an easy-to-understand format, Warren’s Bible-study commentaries have become a weekly or daily guide to Scriptures, used by pastors, leaders of adult Sunday school classes, and individuals looking for personal Bible studies.

To facilitate the studies of God’s word, and to make your study efforts easier, Warren provides Bible verse tool-tip links that immediately reveal verse and passage popups from the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible.

Many of his following commentary collections also include a variety of his:

Here are Hearty Boys sites that offer consecutive Bible studies based on Warren’s summaries, commentaries, and helpful Q&As.

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1 and 2 Samuel

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1st and 2nd Peter

Weekly Bible study of 'John’s Three Epistles'

John’s Three Epistles

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Parables of Jesus

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