“The God Who Sees”

Simply breathtaking! Excellence as it should be.

Kathie Lee Gifford and Nicole C. Mullen's modern oratorio . . .

Recorded 2019 — 10.1 million views

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Read the lyrics while enjoying this performance…
Watch and enjoy Nicole’s live 2021 performance here.

In April of 2019, Kathie Lee Gifford made her directorial debut with THE GOD WHO SEES short film. Shot in Israel, it's based on a song she co-wrote with Grammy-nominated Nicole C. Mullen.

Mullen is featured as the narrator and performer who journeys throughout the Holy Land recounting the stories of Hagar, Ruth, and David, during their wilderness experiences, ending with Mary Magdalene in Jerusalem, at the tomb of the Risen Savior, Jesus. Filming took place all over Israel with four primary locations corresponding to the four characters in the narrative.

The song "The God Who Sees" was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, in the sanctuary of a 100-year-old church. Watch and listen to Nicole sing it here.

Kathie Lee’s belief is that the Word of God, when studied in the land of its origin, with extraordinary rabbinic scholars, is the most transforming power she’s ever experienced.

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