Have you spoken with God, one on one?

Ever felt that you wanted to talk to God so you can get his answers about life and existence? If you were to converse with God today, what would you ask?

Imagine yourself chatting with the Creator, realizing his attention, care, and love for humanity.

Believe it or not, God has always been speaking to his people! Sadly, many don't listen; few ever utter a word to him. Everything in this universe is his and he can relate to anything he chooses to tell you.

Here's a classic video production that's beautiful, thought-provoking, and personally inspirational. It's bound to connect you with God. This three-minute interview is awesome! It'll make you feel much closer to Almighty God.

Warren Camp

Note: Just as our primitive ancestors were unable to comprehend life beyond their own existence, neither can we comprehend what the universe has to reveal. Whether you believe in God or not, there's something much greater than mankind in this infinitesimally tiny spot in the universe that we call Earth.