Life can be compared to the characteristics of the seasons. There are times when you are faced with cold, hard, stormy weather in your life. Then there are times when you can make a new fresh start and begin to grow.

The Seasons in Life

Comparing Life’s Characteristics with the Four Seasons

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How do you know when it’s time for a change?

This video is about the four seasons of nature and the four seasons of our life. Farmers understand and follow the seasons — they don’t plant in autumn and try to reap a harvest in winter… they know that spring is for planting, summer is for nurturing, and autumn is for reaping.

In our own lives we have the same four seasons. If we recognize the seasons of our life, we can keep a better perspective and have clarity about what you we want to achieve. So stay strong and remember: All winters eventually come to an end; a new spring with windows of opportunity will reappear.

So when you are facing tough times, remember that God has deemed a time for everything under heaven. You can't give up when you are in the winter of your life; you could miss the promise of your spring, the color of your fall, and the beauty of your summer. Take good advantage of the seasons in your life.

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Song: "Remembering the Light" by Kevin Kern, released July 19, 2005; composer/lyricist is Kevin Gibbs