The Book of Daniel

Who Was Daniel in the Bible?

The book of Daniel is prophetic and apocalyptic literature about a faithful servant of Yahweh living in Babylonian exile.

As a result of his devotion, Daniel found favor with man and with God (Daniel 9:20–23). Notice also in those verses what the angel Gabriel told Daniel about how swiftly the answer to his prayer was dispatched. This shows us how ready the Lord is to hear the prayers of His people. Daniel’s strength lay in his devotion to prayer and is a lesson for us all. It is not just in the bad times but on a daily basis that we must come to God in prayer.[1]

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Facing certain death, a man enslaved after the fall of Jerusalem proves himself a trusted advisor
who gets selected and placed among King Nebuchadnezzar’s wise men.

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The book of Daniel is a story about a group of Israelites who’ve been exiled from Babylon, and the whole point is to explore what it means to be God’s people when you’re a minority. This book is about the struggle to maintain faithfulness and the struggle to maintain hope.[2]

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