“The Way Maker”

from the Album “Jesus” by Jesus Image

Jesus Image exists to bring Jesus to the world, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Recorded January 2020 — 82.1 million views

Jesus Image presents this most-popular musical performance of “The Way Maker,” starring Steffany Gretzinger and John Wilds. This ever-growing musical ministry states this on its Home page:

"Jesus is to be the obsession of our hearts. Years ago, we began gathering with no agenda except to be in His presence and love Him. Amazingly, He began to move and fill us with His Spirit. Thousands began to gather to simply adore Him.

"Worship is the high call of the Christian life. In His mercy, the Lord began to fill the gatherings with His glory. Songs were birthed as His bride responded to His touch and worth. We have captured these moments and felt led by the Holy Spirit to share them with you. Our desire is that you would discover the precious simplicity of Jesus."

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