Website Analysis and Reporting

Do you know how well your website is performing?

Assuming you already have a website, do you know whether it's working flawlessly in all browsers? Do users find it easy to read and navigate? If you're not sure, why not have a professional web developer such as Warren Camp analyze your site and report on its plusses and minuses?

The Dashboard window of Google Analytics tracks and presents valuable data on numerous items including site usage, visitor activity, traffic sources, and lots more.

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Today, it's not enough to simply have a website you hope will automatically attract visitors. The Internet is all about search engine optimization (SEO) and content relevancy. Essential to maintaining a successful site is (a) a good site analysis program coupled with (b) an experienced professional who can translate your web activity data (shown in this image; click to enlarge) and suggest ways to maximize performance.

A competent, objective evaluator can monitor such things as your site's pageloads, returning visitors, entry pages, popular pages, exit pages, traffic sources, keyword analysis, visit lengths, broken links, backlinks, and so on. Each is a critical component of a continuously successful website.

Here are a few performance-related questions you should ask and answer.

The Best Return on Your Investment

The Internet offers the most extensive return-on-investment tracking of all marketing media. Not only can you determine how many contacts, leads, and sales you’re achieving online, you can also see where those acquisitions are coming from (such as direct traffic, referrals, external links, or search engines) and which keywords and key phrases For a given date, StatCounter presents the most common keywords and phrases used for a site. This window shows the first of eleven keyword analysis pages for Warren Camp Design, for the morning of September 29, 2011. drive them. You can learn all this and more when you hire a professional to analyze your site and report objectively on it.

Google Analytics is considered the most detailed and complex site tracking program today. It's an incredibly powerful tool that gives you insights into how people use your website. But it's not everyone's favorite. If you'd prefer a simpler evaluator for your site, Warren can set up a StatCounter account for you, enabling you to track and analyze essential elements of your site on your own. You can log in to your account anytime, night or day, to monitor site traffic, and view your visitors and statistics in real time.

If you're unable to effectively evaluate site traffic on your site, call on Warren Camp Design to get you started. Warren can run analysis plans for you once, weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly depending on your needs and budget.

Critical Questions You Need to Answer

To determine whether a site analysis would be beneficial for you, ask yourself these questions.

If you came up with four yeses, great! You should be able to deliver targeted content and offers based on visitors' previous behaviors and referring traffic sources. If you didn't answer all four critical questions positively, you need to begin or reactivate an effective analysis effort for your site.

the more you know, the Better you can market

For your site to achieve the best possible performance, you need to understand exactly how visitors use it and navigate it. Warren Camp Design has the years of experience necessary to implement, track, analyze, and optimize websites, as well as maintaining, marketing, and promoting them. See Warren's collection of web-specific pages below for more tips and suggestions.

You can or call him directly at 209-795-7661, if you'd like professional help analyzing your current site's listing, receiving an analysis report or creating, and optimizing a new website. Let WCD begin today to help you improve your website's performance and significantly increase its traffic.

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Analyzing and Improving Your Existing Site

If your website doesn't stand out and do a lot of things right, chances are it's not going to achieve your goals. If you need a new site, discuss the possibilities with Warren to get a feel for the effort and cost involved. If you want to renovate an existing site, Warren can examine it to see what you're doing right and wrong and what you're forgetting to do. New or existing, his insights and recommendations can help make a difference in the success or failure of your site.

If you'd like Warren Camp Design to create a new site, redesign or freshen up your existing site, or evaluate your site objectively, or call WCD at 209-795-7661.