Andy Warhol' Completed Works

Multiples Collection of Warhol's Pop-Art

You can find a detailed biography of Andy Warhol and his work on this page. According to The Andy Warhol Foundation, Andy produced over 100,000 pieces of art made up of drawings, offset prints, paintings, photographs, silkscreens, record album covers, illustrations, wallpaper, sculpture, window displays, ads, and more.

Auction prices realized: Learn the prices that have been realized at Christie's and Sotheby's auctions by clicking the thumbnails to enlarge them and reveal the results in their historical captions.

Warhol's "Singles"
Page 1

Warren's "Warhol Effects"
Page 2

Warhol's "Multiples"
Page 3

Page 2 — Warhol's "Multiples" (or "Montages")

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 Three Pages of Warhol Work

 Warhol's Singles            •  Warren's Warhol Effects            •  Warhol's Multiples

In addition to these three pages of Warhol transformations,
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