Emphasize Photos with the Page-Curl Effect

Curl Your Photos with Photoshop (see all four pages)

Curl your photos; achieve eye-catching results.  On each of these three page-curl pages, Warren presents remarkably realistic curl effects added to one or more corners of images, along with examples of image twists, bends, folds, and shadows. Using Photoshop, not only can the classic curl be created in any direction and to any degree, but shadows can be applied to backgrounds beneath the curls to maximize a photo's eye-catching 3-D results.

In addition to these three curl conversions, find the before-and-after transition, below, that incorporates the three curled photos into an attractive missionary e-card.

Left photo: before

Left photo: after

Center photo: before

Center photo: after

Right photo: before

Right photo: after

See the end result  Move your cursor on then off this image to see the completed transformation.

More types of curled photos

Page 1  |  Page 2  |  Page 3  |  Page 4

In addition to these three pages of page-curl enhancements,
see the large collection of WCD's unique photo edit pages in the left column.

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