Effective Photo Editing Uses Dramatic Effects

Dramatic Effects Can Give Punch to Your Photos
Evening Photos — See All Four Pages of Effects

Adding dramatic effects breathes new life into photos  The dramatic effects that Warren Camp offers include color correction and replacement, image enhancement, custom filters, out-of-frame pop-outs, and numerous special effects, such as the popular HDR (high dynamic range) toning and the retro and vintage looks.

He can also recreate the look of film and darkroom techniques, add glows, vignettes, borders, and more, while eliminating undesirable items and other distractions. With the ability to stack, combine, and blend effects, adjust the amount and kind of blur, and add textures, backgrounds, and adornments, Warren's creative dramatic effects options are endless.

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On three pages, Warren presents dramatic effects he's added to daylight, dusk, and evening photos. See how he dramatically enhanced photo colors on this page.

Dramatic Effects — EVENING Photos

First Evening Dramatic Effect  Move your cursor on then off this evening image of Grand Central Terminal to see how Warren lowered the yellow-orange saturation of the facade and bright lights, increased shadow strength, highlighted the background buildings' details, and added a motion blur to the traffic.

Grand Central Terminal, New York City, by Brian Matiash

Second Dramatic Effect  Move your cursor on then off this image to see how Warren repaired the aluminum cross's washed-out LED halo backlight and increased the image's tonal contrast before adding a relevant Scripture.

Third Dramatic Effect  Move your cursor on then off this image to see how, from the lower left to the upper right, Warren directs your eye to the streetlight's reflection, then to the vanishing point of the receding far-right street lights.

Brooklyn's Dumbo Neighborhood; photo by Brian Matiash

Fourth Dramatic Effect  Move your cursor on then off this wall-lamp image to see how Warren raised the luminosity on the wall, increased the image's saturation and color temperature, and detailed everything with a crosshatch texture.

Wall lamp outside the Cathedral de Notre Dame, Montreal

     See the full-size before image.                 See the full-size after image.

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here See this video: Color Saturation, highlighting the transition from black and white to true color, with background music by impressionist Marshall Styler.

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