Give Your Photos the Comic Book Look

It Can Be a Lot of Fun!

Liven up your tired photo albums by giving some of your photos Call on Warren Camp to uniquely transform your photos, giving them the popular, personalized, comic book look.

His three comic pages below offer a variety of comic styles; click them in order for best results.
the popular comic book look
. Using a variety of photo-editing techniques, such as halftones and artistic filters, Warren can add an old comic book effect to your photos, making them unique and visually appealing. You can have even more fun when you add captions to your photos using comic book fonts and design elements. Finish them off with stylish speech and thought balloons.

On the next three pages, find Warren's recently completed comic-book-effect creation types.

  • New comics made from scratch — page 1
  • Photos styled to look like comics — page 2
  • Bubbles or balloons added to photos — page 3

Click each of the next three images to open Warren's three comic book look pages.

• See the original photo to which Warren gave a comic book look.

Choose a WCD comics page from the next three images.

Page 1 — New Comics Made from Scratch

Click the girl's photo to open Warren's first page: New Comics Made from Scratch.

• See the original photo of the young girl.

Page 2 — Photos Styled to Look Like Comics

Click Ann Curry's photo to open Warren's second comics page: Photos Styled to Look Like Comics.

• See the original photo of NBC News Ann Curry.
• Also see Warren's Warhol-styled image of Ann.

Page 3 — Speech Balloons or Bubbles Added to Photos

Click this 'I Love Lucy' photo to open Warren's third comics page: Speech Bubbles or Balloons Added to Photos.

• Here's the original photo of "The I Love Lucy" stars.

See Samples of all three types of Comic Photos

1. New Comic Creations
2. Photos Get the Comic Book Look
3. Speech/Thought Balloons Added to Photos

In addition to Warren's comic strip photo creations on these three pages,
see the large collection of WCD's unique photo edit pages in the left column.

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