Effective Photo Editing: Use Black and White

Converting Color Photos to Black and Whites

What's the attraction of black-and-white photography?  It's simple: Black-and-white photos communicate by the way they're composed. Lighting and perspective also play vital roles with such photos. Lack of color doesn't keep them from inspiring the viewer.

In fact, many photographers shoot only in black and white because of the sheer amount of appreciation they receive. Black-and-white photographs look mostly surrealistic; their sharp light-dark contrast makes them surprisingly attractive.

  •  Want black and white when your photos are in color?  Have them converted to black and white as shown below in the top group of conversions. Converting from color to black and white is very easy to do.
  •  Want to retain hints of color in black-and-white conversions?  Ask your photo editor to do just that, as shown in the bottom group of photos.

Basic Black-and-White Conversions

Click the thumbnail color images to enlarge them, see their conversion to black and white,
and read their captions. Click again to reduce them.

Black-and-White Conversations with a hint of color

Enjoy this beautiful, colorful slideshow: "Colors, from Black and White"

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