Effective Photo Editing: Add Texture to Your Presentation

Texture Overlays

Texture: a perceived surface quality of photos  When working with photos for the print and electronic media, overlaying their backgrounds with texture can enhance an otherwise ordinary shot; new photos stand out.

Basically, photo editors apply a selected texture image directly onto a photo, then adjust texture density (a.k.a. opacity) to suit. Critical elements of texture-overlaid photos are: (a) choosing a complementary texture overlay image, (b) positioning it appropriately on the photo, and (c) selecting an optimum opacity level for the texture. Warren enjoys such texture overlay projects, blending the three elements creatively. You may download Warren's textures and edited images.

Click the three texture overlay thumbnails to enlarge them. Click again to reduce them.

Texture overlays collection  See distinct effects that one or more textures have on them.

Click the texture overlay images to enlarge them. Click again to reduce them.

Cross with four texture overlays

Recent photo becomes antiquated

Gloomy pond given a striated texture

Numerous overlays add mystery

Texture adds melancholy

An overlay creates a distressed look

Plain photo gets added interest

Multidimensional cherry blossoms

Textures increase depth of field

Petal with a scratched-red overlay

Overlay enlivens a drab moonset

Textures perk up a girl on deck

See the effect  Move your cursor on then off this photo to see what effect three different black textures have on this image of a black labrador retriever running on green grass.

The before photo: A green background awaits an overlay of three black textures.

Twelve of many sample texture images Warren used in the overlay collection above.
Can you tell which of these textures were used on which photos?

Smoky blue

Fractured dark slate gray

Batch of browns

Lavender grunge

Green bokeh effect

Flowers on gray slab

Brown cratered orb

Crinkled dark lavender

Moon-rock pink

Blistered grays / browns

Peeling paint on stucco

Dirty green grunge

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