Changing Photo Backgrounds

Enhance Photos by giving them a non-distracting background

Change is good  Most times, you want your photograph to document exactly what you see through the camera viewfinder. However, you sometimes find a distractive photo background that dominates an image rather than enhances it.

There's no reason to be satisfied with overpowering, distractive, or otherwise compromising backgrounds. Photo editors can replace the background in any photo using image-editing software such as Adobe Photoshop.

Below, see how Warren gives prominence to a photo's main feature by giving it a non-distracting background.

Click the thumbnail images to enlarge them. Click again to reduce them.
Then see the "before and after" image below them.

Image with a distracting background

An understated background image

The end result  Move your cursor on then off this image to see the completed background change.

Click the three thumbnail images to enlarge them and read their captions.
Click again to reduce them.

More background changes from Warren Camp Design

The final background change  Move your cursor on then off this image to see the finished product.

Photo credits: Frank Staples (plane) and GraphicsHunt (mountain)