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Email marketing is a fantastic way to communicate with prospective contacts and customers. With proper messaging, email marketing effectively reaches large audiences, providing you with flexibility to customize your message to appropriate target audiences while tracking the performance of your email marketing campaigns.

Properly executed email marketing is, in most cases, more effective, more affordable, and easier to track than offline print-and-mail marketing campaigns.

custom-crafted messaging

For email marketing to be successful, you need to know how best to reach your target audiences. You must deliver concise, attractive, reader-friendly communications that are timely, customized, and relevant.

Warren Camp Design can help you identify and reach your best targets. Used productively, email marketing can be a very affordable and rewarding marketing tool. As documented in the accompanying image (click to enlarge), a well-written, properly formatted email marketing effort can be highly successful. Because you e-broadcast to subscribers only, you avoid the appearance of spamming while giving your audience the opportunity to take action.

The benefits of email marketing are many

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Cost Savings  Email marketing avoids pricey offline costs such as printing, mailing, and media expenses. E-broadcasting costs, on average, 3 to 10 cents apiece compared to $2 for direct mail and up to $3 for telemarketing. (Source: McKinsey & Company)

Higher Response Rates  Email broadcasts provide higher response rates than direct mail. Response rates average 5 to 15 percent for email, versus 1 to 2 percent for direct mail. That's quite a difference. (Source: Jupiter Communications)

Improved Customer Retention  E-broadcast marketing that includes frequent permission-based e-newsletters and other communications can reduce customer attrition rates and generate repeat sales. Engaging your customers in a two-way dialogue can increase customer satisfaction and yield faster feedback.

Results Measured Instantaneously  Email marketing allows you to evaluate results in real time, rather than waiting 1 to 2 months for printed and mailed results.

Honest, Valuable Feedback  Email broadcasting is an easy way to gain honest feedback about your products and services by simply asking for it; because email is a form of faceless communication, your subscribers are likely to be more honest with you in their e-replies.

Being Seen as an Authority  Email marketing requires an email database of people who've "opted in" or expressed an interest in your product, service, ideas, or other offering. Your email list is a permission-based asset, meaning that those who sign up have given you permission to share and communicate with them. This arrangement gives you authority.

Robust tracking and analysis of your email campaign

In addition to communicating quickly and directly, what sets email marketing apart from other media is your ability to track, measure, and analyze your campaigns. With a successful delivery system, you can track your site's traffic, its link performance, and its conversion rate, allowing you to better appreciate the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts.

Once you create your email marketing message, you can save it, send it immediately, or schedule its transmission at a later time or times. Each email message should generate real-time data and statistics that give you the full picture of your digital marketing campaign's effectiveness.

As you can see, the benefits of digital marketing campaigns are many. Warren can help you plan, lay out, design, write, program, track, and implement your first or next email campaign. Imagine what it can include: headlines, offers, photos, announcements, and more. If you need assistance with the purchasing of new photos or editing and enhancing existing photos, Warren would enjoy working with you. He can copyedit and proofread your text and help you choose a preferred email marketing service.

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Whether it's a marketing plan, an advertising strategy, a direct mail or digital marketing campaign, or online advertising promotions, Warren Camp can help you market your products, services, or yourself better. He can also save you time, money, and frustration by tracking your previous and proposed promotional efforts, helping you understand what it will take to get and keep your business booming.

Working closely with you, Warren can create customized promotional projects that are targeted, effective, and affordable.

With a bachelor's degree in business administration (major in marketing and promotion), and having spent 18 years as a desktop publisher and author, and another 10 years as the technical consultant for an ABC-TV television program about home remodeling, Warren has the education, experience, design skills, marketing know-how, and technical expertise to see that his clients get the most out of their next direct marketing campaign.