Effective Print Design in Books and Magazines

Make your next print promotion successful and accountable

Do It with Magazines and Books   Key components to the marketing of businesses, organizations, churches, and institutions — large and small — are book and magazine design. A well-designed book or magazine, whether created in landscape mode or portrait mode, can present a positive image of the organization while providing helpful information about its products or services. Regardless of which print format you choose, Warren suggests that you keep the following tips in mind.

  • Purpose  Ask yourself: What do I want it to achieve? What message needs to be conveyed? Include client benefits and explain why recipients should choose your products or services over those of others.
  • Layout  Carefully consider what and how much it should contain; remember, first impressions last.
  • Outline  Create an outline of its planned contents; it'll provide direction and order to your story.
  • Paper  Choose paper type, size, weight, color, and luster carefully; paper quality is important.

Should You Choose Hardcover or Softcover for Your Photo Book?

The proof is in the printing! If hardcover books are best for show, then paperback books are best on the go. Paperbacks (called softcover or softbacks) are currently popular for these book styles: artwork and photography, children’s, young-adult fiction, romance, poetry, graphic novels, and religious books. Compare both types for your upcoming bestseller.

  • Hardcover books offer a variety of cover choices ranging from die-cut covers, to linen, to leather or metal, to full-photo versions.
  • Hardcover books are normally case-bound with the hard cover wrapped over or sown around an adhesive binding.
  • Hardcover is a better choice if you're making a book for a special occasion. Thankfully, affordable hardcover options are often available.
  • Softcover books offer a variety of cover choices including die-cut paper covers. An upgrade option is a full-photo cover having a matte or glossy finish.
  • Softcover books are usually cheaper; recipients often see softcover photo books as affordable, personalized gifts.
  • Softcover books and magazines are usually bound with glue and pliable paper, sometimes are saddle-stitched or spiral-bound (see samples below).

The following "print design" resources that Warren has designed and published have the potential to build lasting relationships with new and existing customers. Take a look at the following varieties of print publications.

Books and Magazines

•  Click the thumbnail images to enlarge them.

Warren Camp's book: 'Blessed Are the Peacemakers'

Click to see the cover closely.

Softcover Book
“Blessed Are the Peacemakers”

Clicking the two thumbnails will enlarge each to reveal the completed book cover that Warren designed, created, and submitted to his publisher/printer. He chose a softcover format to minimize printing costs for this 6" by 9" softback. (The rear cover isn't shown on this page.)

Warren Camp's book: 'Blessed Are the Peacemakers'

Click to enlarge.

Using Adobe's InDesign software, Warren chose one of his most popular Scripture Pictures that he created in 2006. He also selected a complementary background color for the cover and spine. With help from Adobe Illustrator, he created a collage effect. The title's font is "Victorian LET" and he included the book's ISBN and bar-code.

You can see many of Warren's award-winning Scripture Pictures by opening this landing page. He's currently designed and created more than 700 attractive and memorable Scripture Pictures for Old and New Testament passages. And on his blog, Warren highlights how and where some of his Scripture Pictures that he's Photoshopped have been displayed (so far, on a freeway billboard, a collection of Martha Stewart pillows, at The Met in NYC, and at Sotheby's Auction House).

Click to see this open page.

Spiral Book (Landscape Mode)

Using 8.5" x 12.5" medium-weight paper (67 lbs.), Warren designed this spiral-bound, double-sided, photo book using the landscape (horizontal) layout. Its cover and back pages were printed on 80-pound, medium-luster, heavy-weight paper, to which Warren added silk lamination.

In this spiral-bound photo book using full-color printing, Warren presents forty-eight of his custom-designed Scripture Pictures: twenty-four each from the Old and New Testaments. See all of his Scripture Pictures on this opening page.

Click to see the full cover.

Click to see the full cover.

Photo Hardback
(Landscape Mode)

To give Warren's Scripture Picture creations optimal presentation, he chose a hardbound landscape book. He specified a lustrous, extra-thick, 66-pound (255 gsm) polyethylene-coated photo paper, which is suited for high-end productions that print on both sides. He also opted for the premium option of "lay-flat pages."

When you want a book that’s as beautiful and unforgettable as the memories it captures, be sure to prioritize quality features. Hand-stitched binding provides long-term life expectancy for photo books.

The velvet-soft matte hardbound cover and back protect the book's page quality. See Warren's cover artwork that he submitted to the printer.

Click to enlarge the books.

A Trade Paperback Book
“I'm Going Out to Fish Tonight”

Choose a "trade paperback" printing for good quality at a low price. They're still weighty — about the same size as hardbacks — because they're printed on premium-grade paper. They provide you with quality craftsmanship coupled with a lower price.

Click to enlarge.

Warren designed the cover, spine, and back of this trade paperback, while also copyediting and proofreading the author's manuscript. Using the pen name "Simon Peter," the author suggested his intimacy with the book's contents: an appreciative evaluation of the purpose and message of chapter 21 of Apostle John's gospel.

The term "trade paperback" is derived from the standard practice within the publishing trade of issuing a hardback version in a less expensive form. They're issued in the same size and format as a hardcover edition of the same book. Unlike smaller and less expensive mass-market paperbacks (with their smaller print, shorter trim size, and cheaper paper, being the least expensive print format since they started appearing after World War II), trade paperbacks often are identical to a hardback book, even having the same page numbers.

Click to see the open magazine.

“A Walk in the Park” Monthly Magazine

In today’s digital world full of iPads and Kindles, some people still prefer reading actual magazines and books. People still enjoy the smell and texture of magazines and books, and would rather spend their afternoon reading the latest updates than staring at their phone screens.

For A Walk in the Park travel magazine, which invites its readers each month to hike, trek, or tour a number of National Park System (NPS) parks, Warren edited a pair of an author's photographs of Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming: See its entrance and this painting of a bear climbing the mount. The article and its photos document how the NPS protects federally managed lands that are in pristine condition.

Photography is a critical element of any promotional campaign. Virtually every photographic image needs to be edited or touched up, whether to enhance it to make an outstanding impression or to resize and optimize it so that it's suitable for the medium in which it will be presented. Warren can utilize his digital artistry skills to give prominence to the photos in your new magazine or book.

Click to see this in full size.

Journalism Encyclopedia (Digital and Printed)

Years ago, Warren was hired to create, write, and edit an encyclopedia on "journalism," done in both the digital and printed formats. Highlights included features on advertorials, headlines, press releases, business journalism, editorial guidelines, confidentiality, op-eds, and copyediting and proofreading.

Although neither format of the encyclopedia exists today, the enlarged photo of the thumbnail (right) documents two of Warren's contributions to the encyclopedia's chapter on creating successful press releases.
  • The white page on the left presents an effective press release (mailed and emailed) that Warren created to announce the launch of a missionary's website — see the press release.
  • The black page represents an emailed announcement of an eye-catching "website launch" for an architect. Download Warren's announcement page to see how you can use active hyperlinks to enable visitors to access key pages of your magazine or book when clicked.

Click to see directory cover.

Click to see directory cover.

Two-Ring Binder Presentation

Warren used Bindertek's 2-round-ring, 3-inch premium binder (available at Staples) for his Pop-Art Prints presentation in which he highlighted his collection of silk-screen, pop-art reproductions that he created recently. The 2-ring binder (the standard in Europe) takes up to 525 sheets of 8.5" by 11" paper, provides a removable label inside the spine pocket, has a hardbound, heavy-duty linen-textured cover for durability, and a steel-rimmed finger hole for easy shelf access.

To see all of Warren's Warhol-like pop-art creations, including his award-winning silk-screen depiction of Apple's Steve Jobs, click here. Creating Pop Art-inspired images with Adobe Photoshop is easy and enjoyable for Warren. Whether it's a single or multiple Warhol-like image, the finished effect replicates Warhol's iconic, high-contrast, multicolored, silk-screened paintings, as shown on Warren's web page.

Click to see directory cover.

Spiral Book (Portrait Mode)

Extensive photo editing by Warren helped create an outstanding cover for his church's 34-page membership directory.

As you'll see when looking at the before photo This before photo needs not only to be cropped to highlight the important elements, but the siding beneath the roof's eaves and the masonry walls of both entrances suffer from underexposure, minimal contrast, and low saturation of colors. Compare these areas to Warren's after photo to see the dramatic differences in each.

To see more of Warren's photo editing presentations, [a href="photoEditingSamples.html" target="_blank"]visit this page[/a].
, cropping was essential, as was improving the contrast and color balance, while removing underexposed areas. The after photo presents the needed sharpness, contrast, and saturation that enhance the building's attractive features and signage.

Printed on glossy 8.5 x 11 paper with a spiral spine, the directory becomes a lasting resource.

Graphic design
website launch teaser

Graphic Design Magazine Used to Launch a Site

For graphic designers, there's no limit to what can be created to draw attention to a website launch. Warren first created a teaser image (left) that he broadcast (shown here) to his email contacts. A week later, he announced his launch to them by featuring a TIME magazine cover graphic (below) that he created with the help of Adobe Photoshop.

Custom graphic design
helps launch a new website

Keeping with TIME's title font and bold red borders, Warren: added a round, red, 3D badge to the large fantasy image of WCD's office; included a composite image he created; entered the magazine's date, headlines, and subheads using customary fonts and styles; and provided numerous realtime links to his site's featured pages.

Try clicking the magazine image now to enlarge it; after it opens, click some of the web page links that allow you to open the site's two most popular pages: (1) WCD's dynamic Home page and (2) a page presenting a wall calendar that Warren created titled "God Is Talking, Are You Listening?" He believes you'll enjoy his soul-searching calendar.

Would you like your photo to appear on the cover of TIME magazine? Warren can make that possible if you have a few great photos and a personal story to tell.

here Warren Camp has extensive experience creating many types of high-quality business cards, posters, door hangers, postcards, bookmarks, newsletters, brochures, and so on. He enjoys designing and executing print advertising and marketing pieces. See many more of Warren's recent print design productions in the left column. Or see a number of his digital design creations.