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'Amazing Grace' sung by Il Divo

"Amazing Grace" by Il Divo

Video of Moses at the burning bush

Moses at the burning bush

Big Trees Community Bible Church

Big Trees Bible Church

Website highlighting the 'Unbroken' Zemperini

"Unbroken" Zamperini

Website featuring Chip Ingram's 'Romans 12' study

Chip Ingram: Romans 12

Web page featuring video of Wentlet Phipps performing 'Amazing Grace'

"Amazing Grace" by Phipps

A thanks to Thomas Kinkade web page

Thomas Kinkade: Thanks

Web page showing a triathlon competition video

Triathlon competition

Website for a weekly Bible study of Luke's 'Acts' volume

Luke's "Acts" study

Web page for an adult Sunday school class' study of The Beatitudes of Jesus

The books of Samuel

A website highlighting quiz questions and answers about the Sermon on the Mount

Sermon on the Mount quiz

The weekly Bible study of Luke's gospel

The gospel of Luke

Warren's web page features the delightful video titled 'Creation Calls'

Creation Calls

Preliminary website for a comic evangelist friend of Warren's

Heav'n Fun comedy

An interactive website for a south African missionary named Vusi

South African missionary

An updated web page for the popular 'Interview with God' video

Interview with God

A personal testimony web page from a pilot during 9/11

9/11 pilot's testimony

Warren's 'Bearing Your Cross' devotional website presented in a slideshow format

Carrying your cross

A Christmas e-card for a child

Child's Christmas e-card

A site that Warren updated highlighting the popular poem 'Miss Me, but Let Me Go'

Miss Me, Let Me Go

Website for a weekly Bible study of the Sermon on the Mount

Sermon on the Mount

A slideshow site inviting people to attend a sunrise Easter Sunday worship service

Sunrise Easter service

A website filled with videos of Matthew's gospel, chapter by chapter

Matthew movies by chapter

A site with videos of Nick Vujicik called 'Life without Limbs'

Life without limbs

Ethiopian merchant trade

Parables Bible study

Parables quiz

20 basic Christian beliefs

The Seasons of Life

Small-group Communion

Church events calendar

Christmas greetings

Father's Day e-card

National Day of Prayer

Advent: Celebrate His birth

Saying grace humbly

Halloween pumpkin carved

1 and 2 Thessalonians

Boy responds to death

Ecclesiastes 3:1–8, 11

A True and Better Bible

Easter for children

Easter dance video

Valentine's Day love

Memorial to Burt Kent

CRU missionary family

"The Butterfly Circus"

Piano scale's good news

Jackie Evancho video

Marching band video

Stars & Whales: Psalm 148

AWANA Children's Ministry

Nehemiah Bible Study

"St. John in Exile" video

Death condolence

One-minute sermon

Sam Robson: a capella

World Changers Academy

In God We Trust

Apostle John's Revelation

Vujicic: Steps Out in Faith

Scott Hamilton's Tumor

1st & 2nd Corinthians

A musical Easter message web page

Musical Easter message

Web page for an adult Sunday school class' study of The Beatitudes of Jesus

Eight beatitudes of Jesus

Website for a weekly Bible study of Matthew's gospel

Matthew Bible study

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