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"Nehemiah: A Heart that Can Break"
by Kelly Minter

Join us for this new Nehemiah study.

Are you now ready to let God break your heart for a hurting, lost world, and move you, in compassion, to become the hands and feet of Jesus?

Nehemiah's heart was so broken for those in need that he left the comfort of his Persian palace to help them. This study challenges women to let God break their hearts for a hurting, lost world and compassionately move them to lead people to Jesus.

. . . Session 7 . . . (For previous sessions, click here.)

    • To read Nehemiah, chapter 11:1–13:31, click here.

    • To listen to Nehemiah, chapter 11, 12, and 13, click here.

    • To see a Scripture Picture for this session, click here.

1.   How has studying the Book of Nehemiah given you a deeper appreciation for the New Testament references of Jerusalem? How has your appreciation for Jerusalem grown or changed as a result of this study?

2.   What about the New Jerusalem are you most looking forward to? (Be specific and practical in your answer.) Have you thought much about the New Jerusalem being an actual city?

3.   Nehemiah was obedient in fulfilling what God had put in his heart to do. How has the unfolding story of his legacy inspired you to pursue what God has put in your heart to do?

Open any session of our Nehemiah study: Session 1; Session 2; Session 3; Session 4; Session 5; Session 6; Session 7.

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— Become the hands and feet of Jesus; continue loving and serving. —

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