Call on Ray Comparetta, CFII, MEI, and True Blue Aviation for flight training in and around Vero Beach, Florida: (772) 473-0656.
Personalized Fight Instruction to Fit Your Needs

Ray Comparetta, CFII, MEI, is an experienced aviation personal trainer who will help you build confidence, add precision, and achieve safe and enjoyable cross-country flying. 
Ray offers personalized flight instruction for private and commercial pilots who want to:
  • Become More Proficient
  • Maintain Day and Night Currency
  • Complete Biennial Flight Reviews
  • Transition to Complex Aircraft
  • Add an Instrument Rating
  • Add a Commercial Certificate
Ray's philosophy on flight instruction:
We are all students striving to be better pilots, but learning will occur only when we are provided a safe yet stimulating experience where confidence is an outcome.