Ready for the Big Game?

Super Bowl 52 logo

The next big Super Bowl championship game will be played and televised on Sunday, February 4.

I've created a sneak preview poster for the big game. I hope you'll like it; feel free to download, print, and share it with many.

My poster presents this worldly football game  from a biblical perspective  by including a most-relevant Scripture, including this "reminder" football graphic that comes from God.

Reminder: Go to church before the super bowl is televised.

Three ways to see my completed poster:

1.  See my completed vertical poster today on my Printed Posters page.

2.  Want a full-size, high-definition horizontal poster? It's on this page.
    (When the page opens, scroll to "1 Corinthians 9:25" and click its "Full-Size" link.)

3.  Are you a Pinterest pinner? You can see see my poster on Pinterest in my “NT Scripture Pictures” board.

Share my posters with friends. Enjoy the big game. Treasure the lasting crown you'll receive.