Snowshoe Hike and Picnic
— March 20, 2009 —

The First Day of Spring — Three photos capture the moment.

Many of the Chapel's adult Sunday school class, as well as friends, enjoyed themselves.
In addition to sharing barbecued hot dogs, sausages, potatoes, and stew,
the team took in a brisk snowshoe hike amid Big Trees Park's
winter splendor, all on the first day of spring.

  Click on each photo to enlarge, then shrink them and read their captions.

Snowshoes on and stomachs filled, the well-dressed crowd begins to gather at the park entrance sign. Halfway through their rough trek, the Searchers class prepares for what appears to be a challenging uphill hike.
Thankfully, the entire party made it to "the big stump," marking the end of an enjoyable and therapeutic afternoon with many good friends of the faith.

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