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Luke's Book of Acts

The book of Acts is the bridge that spans the gap between the four Gospels and the Epistles. Acts, the second volume of Luke's history-writing project, is about what Jesus did after his ascension into heaven — He directed and taught the apostles through the Holy Spirit.

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Jan. 17

11 a.m.

Pastor Gordon Green — "Paul's Brief Epistle to Titus"

Although this epistle has only 3 chapters, it's interesting to analyze this highly personal letter from Paul. Since this is considered one of the Pastoral Epistles, we can benefit both individually and collectively as we examine why Paul wrote it and why it should be included in Scripture.
• • • Listen to Max McLean's recital of Titus 1, 2, and 3.

Jan. 24

11 a.m.

Acts 17:1–18:22, "Paul's Third Missionary Journey Resumes"
Paul arrives at Ephesus and clarifies the meaning of baptism of John and the baptism of Christ Jesus. Heading to Macedonia and Greece, Paul avoids a plot to kill him before heading to Jerusalem where he was arrested and makes a great speech.
Topical study: Repentance
• • • Listen to Max McLean's recital of Chapter 17 and 18.

Jan. 31


No Class Today

Please attend the Chapel's congregational meeting after the 9-o'clock service.


Note: All biblical quotations are from the New International Version (NIV), unless otherwise stated.

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