Sunday School Movies
and Photo Albums

The class now has seven beautiful photo albums, so far. Hover your cursor over the Photo Albums menu button above and select your album or click these links.

  • The first album shows several adult Sunday school students enjoying fellowship and Bible study together in a March 2007 class.
  • Our second album highlights the achievements that a number of our students made on their short-term mission trip to Arizona that May.
  • Album Number 3 includes pictures of a number of Sunday schoolers who helped fight cancer recently by walking in the American Cancer Society’s “Relay for Life” at Bret Harte High School.
  • The fourth is an automated slideshow of the June 2007 summer picnic.
  • Our fifth album, taken in November 2008, features a special class with a guest speaker from South Africa.
  • Album number 6 highlights a fundraising salmon dinner event for Eric Johnson and Alaska's Amundsen Educational Center in November 2008.
  • Our latest album presents a 20-member party that engaged in a fully attired snowshoe hike at Big Trees Park on the first day of summer 2009.

In addition to the seven Sunday school photo albums, there are a few links to beautiful movies and inspirational slideshows, below and in the left column's middle box (titled "Extra, Extra"). After enjoying them, please share these with friends by clicking the "Send This Page to a Friend" link that's immediately above the Google search box toward the bottom of this page.

Movies and Slideshows

View "The Interview with God" presentation

A slideshow presentation to help you feel a little closer to heaven; a gentle reminder that we are not alone. The words of the interview poem have inspired millions.

View the presentation

“The Story of Jesus”  Welcome to the most amazing true story ever told! Told by four separate biographers, this story accurately portrays the life of Jesus Christ. Be amazed by this story’s personal detail. Listen to any chapter.

Start the slideshow

The JESUS Film Project® is a splendid movie about Jesus. There’s an adult version and a children’s version.
     Question: Can you guess how many people have watched this movie since its 1979 debut? Here’s the answer.
     Note: Depending on your Internet connection type, it may take a few minutes to download this film. But it’s definitely worth it!

Start the Jesus film . . . Download RealPlayer software (free)

Here’s a wonderful account of “God, our Watchmaker,” a classy presentation with an inspiring narration. Turn up the volume and enjoy the show.

Start the Flash movie . . . Download Flash Player software (free)

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