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Adult Sunday School Class Begins a New Study Focus

"Minor Prophets"

This Sunday's Study Begins with
"Minor Prophet Hosea"

Rob Sullivan will teach this series' classes. He asks you to spend time reading or listening to Bible text each week before class. Thank you.

September 8:  Introduction to Minor Prophets and Hosea — Please read Hosea 1, 2 and 3 or listen to it.  

Starting with a review of who the minor prophets include, we'll be introduced first to Hosea. We'll cover the author and date of this Old Testament writing, in addition to the historical background, theme, and message of Hosea's book.

As we cover chapters 1, 2 and 3 (during one or two meetings), you'll see the family life of Hosea as a symbol that conveys the message the prophet had from the Lord for his people. God ordered Hosea (ch. 1) to marry an adulterous woman named Gomer; their three children were symbolically named to represent part of an ominous message. Ch. 2 alternates between Hosea's relationship to Gomer and God's relation to Israel. Hosea was ordered to continue loving his wife (ch. 3), so he took her back.


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