Our First Mowing Amid Rosanne's Daffodils — Spring 2008

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Six weeks after spine surgery, Warren carefully got on his tractor mower and mowed the front lawn.

Rosanne shot this close-up of a daffodil in front of her planter-block wall.

A stunning shot of a beautiful daffodil beneath the driveway's split-rail fence.

Here are a few of the thousand brite-yellow and pale-yellow daffodils bordering the front lawn.

A metal cat sculpture stands over a bed of bluish-purple vinca flowers in Rosanne's center garden.

Mr. Mowerman grooms the front lawn by circling around the center garden.

Passing the center garden, Mr. Mowerman heads toward the new retaining wall on the right.

The mowing done, daffodils line the rear border of the front lawn, extending past the old wishing well.

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Click the first (upper-left) thumbnail photo to open the album.