What an Enjoyable "Rummikub Evening"
It Was for the Five of Us!

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This is the new game that attracts us to play it again.

Rosanne and Warren commiserate with one another
after realizing that neither could win this first match.

Cathy whispers to Velcro, asking him
what tiles he sees on Joe's tray.

Joe, who only has three tiles in this photo,
puts on his poker face before beating us royally.
(No. Both empty beer bottles aren't his.
The one in the corner is Velcro's).

Losing interest with Joe's domination during the entire match,
Cathy and Velcro divert themselves in an entertaining swatting exercise.

Yep. For Cathy and Velcro,
the "swatting the feather" diversion
is the most enjoyable part of the evening.

Velcro shows disappointment, after Joe
insisted that Cathy stop playing with Velcro
and get back into [Joe's] game of Rummikub.

Rosanne smiles delightfully as she finally gets
to play her 30-point minimum score
and nearly goes out.

Bottom line? See who really won this
first Rummikub match.

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