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Pray for America

This Thursday, May 7
at the Farley's Home

Reminder to the Chapel's praying friends:

Georgia and I invite you to join us at our Arnold home this Thursday, May 7, from noon until 1:00 p.m., when we'll collectively and personally observe the National Day of Prayer.

We'll pray for these centers of influence: our Government, Military, Media, Education, Business, Church, and Family. Our prayers on this special occasion will help us stay focused and intentional during our daily prayers.

Another key to effective, fervent prayer is knowledge. When we know for whom we're praying, our "generic" prayers become "specific" prayers. We'll therefore provide you with specific names of individuals needing prayer; you can certainly add others as you choose.

Please RSVP soon by calling us at 795-2917 so we can give you directions to our home and suggest where to park.

Will you join us to pray? Thank you.

George and Georgia Farley