Father's Day brings a flood of memories ranging from barbecues to steak dinners, new T-shirts to new tool sets, Hallmark cards to e-cards. With so many routines surrounding Father's Day, it's easy to lose touch with what the holiday is really about: honoring fathers for their contributions to the lives of their children. Please read our Father's Day prayer toward the bottom.

This Sunday, as we recognize and honor our dads — past and present — let's pay attention to the role they've played and play today. The idea is to show our affection for Dad by telling him how much he's loved and appreciated, not only on Father's Day but on every single day of our lives.

Also thank and honor our Heavenly Father; do this continually. Love him; for he loves you. Click the Start arrow to watch this tender inspirational video; read and hear "God's love letter to you."

For a printable poster of "The Father's Love Letter" click here.

The Father's Love Letter . . . to You

The Almighty God is our loving, Heavenly Dad! He created the heavens and the earth with the power of his Word, taking the time to knit each one of us in our mother's womb.
The one who made heaven his throne and Earth his footstool invites each of his little ones to visit with him in his glorious presence any time, day or night. The one who makes nations tremble and holds the hearts of kings in his hand, wants his children to come close to him to hear the beating of his heart. What an awesome privilege we have to be called children of God!

Our Father's Day Prayer

Father: You are the Almighty God. Yet, you are the Father that each of us has been looking for all our lives. We thank you that the Bible is, in fact, your love letter that you addressed to us. We receive your gift of love, expressed through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
We pray that none of us will ever lose this intimacy with you, having become rooted and grounded in your love.
Thank you for making us a coheir with your son Jesus in your glorious inheritance. It's in, by, and through Jesus that we come into your throne room with the assurance that you love us and have, without question, accepted each of us as your loving child. Thank you, Father. Happy Father's Day. Amen.

Your children in the faith,

"I am your Father and I love you, even as I love my son, Jesus" (John 17:23).