Hello, friends. Rosanne and I wish you a very special

Happy Easter!

This Easter Flash movie is compliments of the Barn Again Gang.

"On My Father's Side" by The Barn Again Gang

This is a beautiful song! It evokes visions in your mind of Jesus' life as a child, coupled with the duality of His life: He's the Son of Man yet He's the Son of God.

We like it when words in a song clearly tell a story. The insightful message of "On My Father's Side" is enhanced by its lyrics and melody, as sung with the Living Spirit of the resurrected, living God. The melody is quite catchy!

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      To read the lyrics, click here On My Father's Side

Just a young boy in a Temple one day. Shared with the doctor, they were so amazed. Never had they seen, one so young speak so swift. They asked Him many questions, conversation went like this.

What's your name, Son?

On my Mother's side, my name is Yeshua (Jesus), but on my Father's side, they call me Emmanuel. "God is with us."

How old are you?

On my Mother's side, now I'm 12 years, but on my Father's side, I've just always been. Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End.

Where 'ya from?

On my Mother's side, I'm from Bethlehem, but on my Father's side its new Jerusalem, the Holy City, New Jerusalem.

What are your plans?

On my Mother's side, I'll be crucified. But on my Father's side, in three days I'll arise and sit at my Father's side.

Power and Authority
I'm the King of Kings, that's on my Father's side. I sit at my Father's side.