Fellow Hearty Boy! August 26, 2016

Here's the latest update from our group's prayer partners — Rob and Veronica Darby, who serve as the Lord's missionaries in and around Thailand. Please read their update below and pray for their well-being. Be ready to be impressed by Rob's account of a startling God-action that he and Veronica experienced.

Thanks for your prayerful support of the Darby missionary family.


Please do not share this prayer list without first receiving the expressed permission of Rob or Veronica Darby. Thank you!

Hello praying friends!

First, we want to thank everyone on the West Coast for your generous hospitality while we were there this summer. We definitely packed a lot more than we'd expected into our trip, but it was all worth it! We feel so privileged to have friends like you and to be able to connect with so many of you this time around. To those of you whom we were not able to see, we understand how crazy summer schedules get and we hope to see you next time around. Now, on with our prayer update!

Freedom 418 — Pray for our girls in the safe-house, some of whom are experiencing health and psychological problems and need healing, which isn't surprising, given the trauma many of them have endured. A miraculous God appointment did occur however: One of our staff had taken our newest girl to the hospital because of very complex health issues that no one had been able to properly diagnose. The doctor exclaimed, "Do you believe in the power of the Holy Spirit?!" which started a dialogue followed by the doctor praying for deliverance. Afterwards, she told the girl, "You should give your life to Jesus as soon as possible!" Now, this kind of story seems nearly impossible even in the "Christian West." But in Thailand!? Truly a God-appointed event.

He's watching over these precious young girls and going to give them every opportunity possible to come to him.

Nepal Trip — In less than two weeks I, Rob, will fly to Kathmandu, Nepal, to make a fundraiser campaign video for an amazing clothing accessory company's startup. Its owners, a Canadian-Swedish couple, are long-time friends of ours. This new company, called Dinadi, creates hand-knitted caps, gloves, mittens, and scarves. What's cool is that its employees can work in their homes, enabling single mothers to be with their children, or a hopeful young college student to attend classes so she can get a better job. Pray for me as I raise funds for traveling, two wireless mic kits, and an LED light-panel. I'm trusting God to see that all the funds come in, because these guys in Nepal are serious and intentional about their work. It's a top-notch business idea and their second successful start-up there in four years! I'll send a fundraiser campaign to our newsletter subscribers, today or tomorrow, with details if you or someone else is interested in donating for my trip. [Subscribe to our newsletter. ]

Family —The boys are back in school, Veronica and I are back at work, and our dog Clovis is still "alive and well" chasing butterflies and shadows in the yard. The weather is cooling down a bit and we feel back on track. Pray for Veronica for grace and patience at home while I'm in Nepal for two weeks. Pray for the boys that they grow more and more hungry to know God. Finally pray for us all for health and safety, because the last couple of weeks have shown us that Satan hates us and wants to ruin all of God's work out here.

Bless you,

Rob, for the Darby family . . . .

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