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Merry Christmas!

Snow has fallen; our meadow and evergreen trees glisten. As a result, Rosanne and I are happy to present you with our brightly lit Christmas card greeting. If Christmas won't be white at your place this year, we hope very much that this special holiday will certainly be calm, bright, and holy for you.

Enjoy our Christmas e-card, our accompanying musical video, and Warren's personal Christmas message below.


Warren and Rosanne

and Warren Camp Design

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We invite you to listen to and enjoy this very special Christmas hymn, sung a cappella by one man in eight different, harmonic voice types: Sam Robson.
(Recorded: November 15, 2015)

Enjoy twenty other Sam Robson a cappella performances on Warren's web page.

As we celebrate God's gift to us — his son Jesus — I continue to appreciate a few personal truths in my new life: Christ grew from baby to Messiah; he began to make a difference in his community and society; he showed what would become of us; he invited everyone into partnership with him for the global working out and attaining of Kingdom values and victories, which are still in process and won't become fully complete until Jesus comes again and pulls it all together.     (  : - )

The faith of true believers reveals this dynamic. Christ paid the sin debt of believers and restored our relationship to the Father. The Holy Spirit now works with us to help us better develop a meaningful and mutually fulfilling life-experience.

As we rejoice that The Baby — Immanuel — didn't stay in the manger, and that Jesus' influence on earth didn't end at Easter, I believe that each of us has been invited (repeatedly) to grow further and deeper to "work out our faith" in him, regardless of the trials and challenges we face. Daily, let's try harder to personally know God and his unique ways, purposes, and joys, as they all blend with how wonderfully he's enabled us to walk with him. May we faithfully and continually glorify our Lord God as each of us explores new horizons of the spiritual, yet real-world adventures that he prepares for us in the year ahead.

Web-Servant Warren