Eonvrye Woh Cna Raed Tihs, Palese Rsaie Yuor Hnad.

To all reading-challenged individuals: If you can read the following paragraph accurately, word for word, in 120 seconds or less, pat yourself on the back for correctly reordering letters in every word and reading the paragraph intelligently.

Note: Only great minds — that's 47 out of 100 poepel — can do this. Ready? Go!

Strat! I cldnuot blveiee taht I cluod acutally uesdnatnrd waht I wsa redanig. Teh phaonmneal pweor fo teh hmuan mnid, aoccrdnig ot a rscheearch sutdy udnretaekn ta Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr ni waht oerdr hte ltteres ni wrods aeppaer, teh olny iproamtnt tihng si thta teh frsit nad lsat ltteer ni lagrer wrods eb ni teh rghit pclae. Teh rset fo teh lettres cna eb a taotl mses adn yuo cluod sitll raed eevrytighn whotuit a prboelm. Tihs si bcuseae teh huamn mnid deos nto raed ervey lteter yb istlef, btu teh wrod sa a wlohe. Yuo'er doen.

Azanmig yse? Yaeh. Adn poepel awlyas tghuhot taht slpeling wsa ipmorantt! Asusmnig yuo cna raed thsi ni lsse tahn tow mnuites, rorwrad ti nwo, oaky?

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