Brain Teaser

"What Is the Connection?"

Give This Brain Teaser One Minute's Effort

In front of you are three circles. In each there are numbers that have a common connection. Discover the connection between the numbers in all three circles and determine the missing number.



All done? If not, are you sure that you want to peek at the answers to this brain teaser? I know that it's very tempting to peek before coming up with your answer. I've often found myself fighting that curiosity.

So, if you have solved the brain teaser and are ready to check your answer, go ahead. But if you didn't complete it, why not try one more time? Either way, share this by clicking the "Email to a friend" button.

"81" is the correct answer."

The third number (in the bottom of each circle) is half the sum of the two other numbers, plus "4." In order to find the missing number for this brain teaser, do the following:
(66 + 88) ÷ 2 + 4 = 81


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