Twenty-One of ANIMUSIC's Best
Computer Animation Video Album Tracks

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Enjoy a collection of performances that are nothing less than majestic.
Splendid beauties from an animation company focussed
exclusively on computer animation of music.

Bonus Page

As we await the Release of "Animusic 3," here are a few worthwile tracks.

Special Bonus Video: Drum Machine Live
(embedded video of Animusic's Drum Group performance)
Watch this in full-screen mode!

How Wayne and Dave Create Their Videos

Learn a little about how the Animusic team creates their cutting-edge
animation DVD albums in this short interview segment with
Director Wayne Lytle and Digital Artist Dave Crognale.

Watch a One-Man-Band Perform "a la Animusic"

In this short film, a musician stumbles upon an ensemble of unusual instruments;
he decides to experiment with them, and wait til you see his creation.

Animusic 1 — Full Collection; 33 minutes
(edited by Leron Does Minecraft)

Animusic 2 — High Quality; 39 minutes
(edited by Safteytorcher)

Find out about who and what's behind ANIMUSIC on this page.

Visit ANIMUSIC's promotional website.

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