Twenty-One of ANIMUSIC's Best
Computer Animation Video Album Tracks

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Enjoy a collection of performances that are nothing less than majestic.
Splendid beauties from an animation company focussed
exclusively on computer animation of music.

"Animusic 1"

Track 1: Future Retro

Track 2: Stick Figures

Track 3: Aqua Harp

Track 4: Drum Machine

Track 5: Pipe Dream

Track 6: Acoustic Curves

Track 7: Harmonic Voltage

Here is Animusic's first animation, "Beyond the Walls,"
from its first video album in 2001 on VHS: "Animusic."

Beyond the Walls

Find out about who and what's behind ANIMUSIC on this page.

Visit ANIMUSIC's promotional website.

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