a cappella  |ä kəˈpelə|  adjective & adverb (with reference to choral music) without instrumental accompaniment:  [ as adj. ] : an a cappella Mass  |  [ as adv. ] : the trio usually performs a cappella.

harmonics  |härˈmänik|  adjective: of, relating to, or characterized by musical harmony: a basic four-chord harmonic sequence. noun: a note produced on a musical instrument, e.g., by lightly touching a string while sounding it.

hymn  |him|  noun: a religious song or poem, typically of praise to God: a passionate hymn about grace.

Sam Robson's A Cappella Harmonic Hymns

Sung and Arranged by His One-person Choir

Sam not only sings hymns with an outstanding voice, he uses six to nine voice types — from soprano to bass — into each passionate, powerful, a cappella (a.k.a. acapella) harmonic hymn arrangement. Sit back; enjoy; share.

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First, meet Sam as he warms up in six chords . . .

A Cappella Arrangement 1
"How Great Thou Art"

Published July 10, 2013 — Nearly a year ago, I recorded this tune, and the feedback was amazing. But I began to notice a trend in the comments suggesting that I record this with better quality. So after three or so years, I finally got the guts and the voice power to recreate this recording. — Sam Robson

A Cappella Arrangement 2
"It Is Well with My Soul"

Published March 26, 2013 — While arranging "It is Well with My Soul," I discovered that it had more verses than I expected. Once I read them all, I incorporated them into this arrangement. — Sam Robson

A Cappella Arrangement 3
"I Need Thee Every Hour"

Published May 4, 2013 — Because my previous hymn arrangement — "It Is Well With My Soul" — went down so well, I decided to do another choral style arrangement. I hope you like my new harmonic arrangement. — Sam Robson

A Cappella Arrangement 4
"Oh, What a Time"


Published May 15, 2016 — As sung by The Breath of Life Quartet and The Gaither Vocal band, form taken from the Gaither version. — Sam Robson

A Cappella Arrangement 5
"Be Thou My Vision"

Published June 13, 2013 — This is a reworking of a beautiful hymn that I'd previously done in six parts. I've found that four parts suited it better. — Sam Robson

A Cappella Arrangement 6
"O Love that Will Not Let Me Go"

Published September 4, 2013 — With this hymn I wanted to try a softer approach to the singing, as this is a jazzier arrangement of mine. — Sam Robson

A Cappella Arrangement 7
A Worship Medley

Published December 5, 2013 —  Something a little bit different from the previous hymn videos. Also there is no video for the Improvised vocals because they were done at a later stage. — Sam Robson

A Cappella Arrangement 8
"O Valiant Hearts"

Published March 18, 2014 —  "O Valiant Hearts" is a hymn remembering the fallen of the First World War. Words were taken from a poem by Sir John Stanhope Arkwright (1872–1954) and other Poems in Time of War (1919). Set to music by Rev. Dr. Charles Harris, Vicar of Colwall, Herefordshire (1909–1929, the poem was later included as a hymn. See its lyrics. — Sam Robson

A Cappella Arrangement 9
"Total Praise"

Published April 7, 2014 —  Here's a gospel hymn arrangement with a slightly different vibe to it. I felt inspired by how powerful and emotional the hymn truly is. Find the lyrics here. — Sam Robson

A Cappella Arrangement 10
"Alone, Yet Not Alone"

Published April 26, 2014 —  As part of a film project called "Alone Yet Not Alone," based in 1755, about the devastating effect of war, I was curious about how that hymn would sound when arranged completely a cappella. As soon as I heard it, I made my own version, which I now present to you. — Sam Robson

A Cappella Arrangement 11
"A Change Is Gonna Come"

Published October 23, 2016 — My humble arrangement of a classic song from the mid-'60s. It beautifully touches on the race issues of those times. With that I hope that my interpretation doesn't take away from its original intent. — Sam Robson

A Cappella Arrangement 12
"The Corinthian Song"

Read the lyrics of "The Corinthian Song" (2 Cor. 4) written by Micah Stampley

Published April 7, 2015 — I heard this beautiful song way back when I discovered Kathy Taylor's version, almost 6 years ago, and it blew my mind. However, it took a while to find a way of interpreting it for a cappella voices; so after many re-takes, I hope you enjoy the final result. — Sam Robson

A Cappella Arrangement 13

Published August 14, 2016 — Originally a beautiful poem titled "And did those Feet in Ancient Times" by William Blake, it was later set to music in the 20th century by Sir Hubert Parry and was retitled "Jerusalem."

I hope you find my choice of visuals appropriate. I wanted to tell this story; the message of this hymn is routed in the idea of taking responsibility for society's changes and, more importantly, respecting the land you live on. — Sam Robson

A Cappella Arrangement 14
"O Holy Night"

Published November 15, 2015 — An early Christmas present for you all! I was recovering from a cold/flu-like virus, which will explain the lack of energy in my voice, but I wanted to perform this for you. So, please enjoy it as much as possible. — Sam Robson

A Cappella Arrangement 15
"Holy, Holy, Holy"

Published January 2, 2016 — Here's my arrangement of "Holy, Holy, Holy," which I hope you like a lot! — Sam Robson

A Cappella Arrangement 16
"Mary Did You Know?"

Published February 25, 2016 — I was asked to record an arrangement of "Mary Did You Know," to promote a beautifully shot movie titled "The Young Messiah," which you can see here. — Sam Robson

A Cappella Arrangement 17
"Down to the River to Pray"

Published June 16, 2016 — Inspired by the amazing version that was featured on the "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" soundtrack, this lead was very humbling because Alison Krause' voice is unmatchable in its delivery. Hopefully I did it justice. — Sam Robson

A Cappella Arrangement 18
"Silent Night"

Published December 22, 2016 — . . . By Stephan Carlson, a fantastic choral composer and arranger! Stephan sent me the score a couple of years back, however for reasons I don't remember I wasn't able to record it. Fortunately he was happy for me to debut it this year. That said, enjoy this spontaneous collaboration! — Sam Robson

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