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"Warren’s technical advice and code development work were critical in achieving the desired look and content of my website. His responses to my questions were timely and precise, and his patience working with me — someone with a design background and strong graphic preferences, but no website design experience — was exceptional and most appreciated.
      "I think Warren will prove to be a wise choice to help develop a website for others with a design background, and of people and organizations in other fields."

John McLean Architect, San Francisco, California

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"I highly recommend Warren Camp. He went out of his way to help me with my website, and did a wonderful job. Very professional and efficient, he promptly answered all my questions and correspondence.
      "If you're looking for a web designer and developer you can trust to get the job done, and done well, by all means, call Warren."

— Cecile Kaiser, Heaven Fun Comedy

"You are so good at what you do! The 'care and prayer' images you create are as beautiful as they are inspirational. The Lord is using your sensitivity and compassion to share the burden and grief of those who are suffering loss.
      "God has given you a tremendous gift. The Holy Spirit has anointed you to communicate sensitive things in a way that comforts hearts and ministers grace and love.
      "Blessings to you in the Name of Jesus! Keep up the good work!"

— Carmella Gillons, Napa, California

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"Warren, I just want to say that I think it's awesome how much care you put into these Web projects. I don't know whether you get paid for any of them, but I'm sure it's not commensurate with your hours if you do. Church groups, missionary families, memorials — so many people and projects that have unique, beautiful, hand-crafted websites that would, at best, have had something generic or more likely nothing at all if you hadn't spent the last several years serving others with this craft."

— Joshua Paine, Director, Good News Web Designers Association (GNWDA)

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"I asked you to create a Bible bookmark in Spanish for my upcoming Ontario church's mission trip in Guatemala; you promptly agreed and freely sent me a template allowing us to print 500 Spanish bookmarks of Isaiah 40:31 (shown right; click to enlarge and print).

      "You asked if I liked it; I more than like it; it's magnificent! The wingspan of the eagle truly carries the meaning of the text of how God can rescue us. The verse also fits beautifully on the bookmark. Since many of the Guatemalans receiving bookmarks may be illiterate, your picture goes a long way to remind people of our message: God loves them through Christ.

      "God bless you for your craftsmanship."

— Margaret Trautrim, Missions Coordinator, St. John's Lutheran Church, Pembroke Ontario

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"Thanks so much for your Holiday greeting e-card. I looked at both the Christian and the non-Christian e-cards you created; they're both wonderful!
      "I can't think of anyone who wouldn't be touched by all the thought, planning, and creative effort you've put into these beautiful electronic greetings. And the Sam Robson a cappella performance of 'O Holy Night' was superb!"

— Judy Tufo, Executive Director, San Francisco Bay Area NARI
(National Association of the Remodeling Industry)

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"I cannot find enough words to express how much of a blessing you are to Light Providers Youth Club ministry. You aren't helping only LP; by serving us as our newsletter graphic designer and copyeditor, we (you and us) are effectively improving the lives of thousands here in South Africa's Valley of a Thousand Hills. Speaking for all of us at Light Providers, we very much appreciate your giftedness and service to us over the years."

— Siyanda Chonco, Director, Light Providers Youth Club

"So amazing, Warren. You have utilized much creativity. I am sure the Lord will bless you and WCA through this new site, through your dedication, and through all the hard work and your love of WCA folks. I wish you could visit the academy in South Africa and meet and grow with everyone personally.
      "With my thanks and much love, Ruth Ann."

— Ruth Ann White, World Changers Academy

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"The Fisher Missionary Family website is great! I appreciate all the work that goes into creating those pages; they're filled with intricate detail. The site is very easy to maneuver, page to page. I like being able to click on small photos to enlarge them, then click again to shrink them without having to go back a page.
      "You certainly have superior know-how when it comes to designing and creating web pages. What a great ministry you are providing! Thanks for helping our wonderful missionaries.
      "Blessings, Debbie."

— Debbie McCoon, Missions Committee Coordinator, Chapel in the Pines

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"Your creativity and presentation of both Old and New Testament Scripture on all of your Scripture Pictures pages are very inspiring and thoughtful.

"I'm especially drawn to your Matthew 7:26 creation, which I thought you captured so well with your composite image. And I love how you've added the John 14:15 text to a most appropriate photo that you've edited. It reminds me of my boy Max! Thanks for sharing these with me."

— Jim Jenifer