Information-Gathering Questions

Before a Site Can Be Developed, Answers Are Needed

Getting Started — the Requirements Profile  Contemplating a new website can be a daunting task, but it needn't be. If you can answer the following questions, you're well on your way. Give some thought to each of the following areas. The answers you provide can help Warren determine the type of site that best meets your needs.

Planning your website's development — its structure and navigation — to meet your purposes and goals is a critical step in creating a successful online business. If done with vision and foresight, it will save you considerable time and money. Warren can help you answer essential questions such as these.

Objectives for Your New or Renovated Site

  • What are your main goals for the site? Information, advertising, web presence, sales?
    How do you plan to meet them?
  • What first impression would you like your site visitors to have?
  • Who is your online competition?
  • Which are the main pages you want to include? Home, About, Portfolio, Resources, Contact?
  • Will you need interactive features? E-commerce, newsletter, forms, membership, blog?
  • Are there existing sites with features similar to those you are hoping to create?
    What do you like about these sites? What do you dislike?
  • Do you have color theme preferences? Are there colors you dislike?
  • Do you prefer a horizontal menu (see menu above), a vertical menu (see menu to the left), or both?
  • Do you have existing graphics (logos, photos, icons) you'd like to include? How many? How large are the graphics? Will they be provided in digital format?
  • Do you want to project a particular style or tone, for example, conservative, friendly, formal, casual, professional, serious, humorous?
  • To which audience or audiences do you want to target your site?
  • Have you or others already written the content for your site? Has it been copyedited?
  • How many pages do you imagine including at the initial stage? At later stages?
  • Do you already have a registered domain name? Do you have a website host?
  • Do you need a custom-designed logo or corporate identity?
  • Do you have a target date for launching the site?
  • Do you anticipate updating your website over the next 12 months? How often?
  • Do you need a website developed so that you can make updates and changes yourself?

Your answers to these questions can guide Warren through the web development process. Each question is important so don't hesitate to answer each one fully.

After determining the scope of the project, Warren can estimate the time and costs for Warren Camp Design to complete your planned, designed, and developed website.

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Analyzing and Improving Your Existing Site

If your website doesn't stand out and do a lot of things right, chances are it's not going to achieve your goals. If you need a new site, discuss the possibilities with Warren to get a feel for the effort and cost involved. If you want to renovate an existing site, Warren can examine it to see what you're doing right and wrong and what you're forgetting to do. New or existing, his insights and recommendations can help make a difference in the success or failure of your site.

If you'd like Warren Camp Design to create a new site, redesign or freshen up your existing site, or evaluate your site objectively, or call WCD at 209-795-7661.