Introduction to Website Design & Development

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Design or Development?  A successful, frequently visited website requires superb design as well as development. The two aspects differ considerably: Web design is all about what the user sees on a site, while web development deals with the functionality of a site, as detailed on these WCD pages: web design and web development.

Web designers and developers have to work together to ensure that their sites are seamlessly integrated. Eliminating the possibility of conflict between professions, Warren Camp wears one combined hat offering design and development expertise.

Introduction to Websites  Your new or existing website is an online extension of your organization, company, church, brand, or product. The biggest challenge any website faces is how to stand out from the crowd and command customer attention. Most important, your website must be user friendly.

The typical consumer passes judgment on the professionalism, look and feel, and relevance of a website in 3 to 5 seconds, on average. Don't waste time and money creating a site that is bound to turn people away quickly.

WCD specializes in designing and developing interactive websites by executing custom, up-to-date web techniques and solutions. With years of practice and continuing education in web design and development, Warren is qualified to create your new or improved web presence in ways that accurately reflect your unique brand while attracting visitors and customers to explore your entire site.

When Warren builds websites, he uses the very best standards-based coding practices on every page, making sure that every site is attractive, informative, flexible, accessible, and fast.

Website Basics with Examples

Here are the key ingredients for well-designed and -developed websites, compliments of WCD. Check out Warren's examples. Contact him with questions.

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Analyzing and Improving Your Existing Site

If your website doesn't stand out and do a lot of things right, chances are it's not going to achieve your goals. If you need a new site, discuss the possibilities with Warren to get a feel for the effort and cost involved. If you want to renovate an existing site, Warren can examine it to see what you're doing right and wrong and what you're forgetting to do. New or existing, his insights and recommendations can help make a difference in the success or failure of your site.

If you'd like Warren Camp Design to create a new site, redesign or freshen up your existing site, or evaluate your site objectively, or call WCD at 209-795-7661.