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r12: A proven pathway to become like Jesus

r12 — true spirituality: Week #7, May 23–29

Conclusion and Application

Your truly spiritual r12 journey is about to produce spiritual fruit. This final meeting will enable you to see what it will take for you to become like Jesus.

Being a genuine disciple of Christ flows out of a personal relationship with him. It's about experiencing God's grace, not earning his love through performance. As you've already discovered in this all-church r12 study, a real relationship with Jesus Christ will produce a follower whose life looks progressively more like his life.

This week's review of Romans 12 will illustrate "the profile of an authentic Christ disciple." Sharing with your friends during this personal application meeting, try to commit yourself to begin living out this kind of lifestyle that we'll call "r12 Christian." God is willing to go deeper. He's willing to help you become like Jesus. Are you ready to make that commitment? God wants you to make that commitment today.

Final week's focus; your act of commitment

Steps to Take This Week Resources
Watch Chip's final video, "Living True Spirituality." (2 minutes) Watch this final video at home, then during your group study).
Watch all five of Chip's brief "action-step videos." All five video links are to the right of this video.
When you meet:
  • Share with one another how r12 has inspired you.
  • Discuss what challenges might keep you from becoming an r12 Christian.
  • Reveal what steps you commit to take so you will become and continue being a true disciple of Christ.
surrender to God Romans 12:1
separate from the world12:2
sober in self-assessment12:3–8
serving in love12:9–13
supernaturally responding
to evil with good12:14–21
Answer three "application questions" and share your answers with one another as you continue to live as an r12 disciple of Christ. The three "Way of Life" questions are on page 41.

Thanks for taking the r12 journey with us.  The Chapel, as well as God, hope that this all-church study has enabled you to begin to learn what true spirituality is, according to Jesus, and that you've made the commitment to become an authentic follower — a disciple — of Christ.

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