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r12: A proven pathway to become like Jesus

r12 — true spirituality: Week #5, May 9–15

Your truly spiritual r12 journey continues. Take a look at what Chip Ingram has to show you in this dynamic study of Romans 12.

Here you'll find all the elements of Week #5 of our all-church Bible study.

Steps to Take This Week, Before You Meet Resources
Read "Living on the Edge." Pages 153–210 of the book
Watch Chip's Session 5 video, "Experiencing Authentic Community." Watch Chip's video at home, then during your group study)
Answer the video's follow-up questions. Pages 32 and 33 of the study guide
Write down your answers to the "Talk It Over" questions. Be ready to share them with your group. Pages 34 of the study guide
Review the "Live It Out" section and follow Chip's directions. Page 35 of the study guide
Watch Chip's three brief "video answers" to his three frequently asked questions to take your small-group study deeper. Page 35 of the study guide; three video links to the right of this video
Listen to and be inspired by Ian Ferrin's singing and piano accompaniment of Romans 12:9–13. Turn on your volume and click here.

Let the journey continue.  Prior to your meeting, take the steps above; meet between May 9–15; take in Pastor Dick's May 16th message; and begin to learn what true spirituality is, according to Jesus.

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