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r12: A proven pathway to become like Jesus

r12 — true spirituality: Week #1, April 11–17

Ready to begin your truly spiritual r12 journey? It's assumed that you will soon, or have already:

  1. signed up with one of the Chapel's 10 small Bible-study groups;
  2. ordered your two study books from your group facilitator; and
  3. watched Chip Ingram's introductory video about this dynamic study of Romans 12.

Here you'll find all the elements of Week #1 of our all-church Bible study.

Steps to Take This Week, Before You Meet Resources
Read and agree to your group's priorities. Page 46 of the study guide
Answer Week #1's first two preliminary questions. Page 2 of the study guide
Watch Chip's Session 1 video, "What Is True Spirituality?" Watch Chip's video at home, then during your group study)
Answer the video's follow-up questions. Pages 2, 3, and 4 of the study guide
Write down your answers to the "Talk It Over" questions. Be ready to share them with your group. Pages 4 and 5 of the study guide
Review the "Live It Out" section and follow Chip's directions. Page 6 of the study guide
Watch Chip's three brief "video answers" to his three frequently asked questions to take your small-group study deeper. Page 7 of the study guide; three video links to the right of this video

Let the journey begin.  Pick a small group; order your two books; have your first meeting between April 11–17; take in Pastor Dick's April 18th message; and begin to learn what true spirituality is, according to Jesus.

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