Great Photography = Stunning Visual Marketing

Where to begin, Knowing your options, Choosing the Best Approach

Warren Camp Design can take your photos to a completely new dimension. Check out Warren Camp's examples of how he has edited, touched up, restored, or enhanced inadequate photos. In the column to the left, you'll find links to a variety of photo edit creations; below are direct links to attractive examples. Be prepared for many eye-opening, before-and-after surprises.

Do you have a problem photo or two? Warren can give it a needed tweak. Perhaps you'd like help editing wedding, baptism, or new birth photos, restoring an old photo, or enhancing a real-estate photo.

Warren looks forward to performing digital artistry for you: adding a person to a family portrait or concealing the identity of a person's face; digitally opening closed eyes or fixing facial wrinkles; giving punch to colors in a drab image; digitally enhancing facial cosmetics by clearing acne or bruises. Simple touch-ups, such as cropping images and removing digital camera marks or the common "red eye," can also be performed.

Somewhere in your attic or basement or on your computer you have old family photographs, many of which aren't in the best condition. Warren can reverse the effects of color fading on your treasured photos. He can repair cracks or creases, tears, stains, blemishes, and other damage on your valuable photos using professional, digital-photo restoration techniques. Or he can take the opposite approach by giving today's photos a convincing antique look.

After Warren completes your photo edits and enhancements, you might want him to add a special background, border, and matte and frame to make it the highlight of your collection. Custom options are limitless. He can also create your own layout board or storyboard.

No matter what your current project, invite Warren to take your photos to a completely new dimension. Digital imaging offerings include these more artistic transitions: water color, pastel paint, retro art such as the comic book effect, pop art such as Rubik's Cubes and jigsaw puzzles, the famous Andy Warhol design, vignettes, page curls, amazing dramatic effects, and more. Check out the completed samples in the left column. And be ready to be surprised.

Don't wait any longer to showcase your highest-quality photo presentations. Contact Warren Camp Design today, at 209-795-7661, to discuss your upcoming campaign and learn how Warren can utilize his digital artistry skills to give prominence to your photos.