Great Photography = Stunning Visual Marketing

Editing Your Photos Is Essential

Photography is a critical element of any promotional campaign. Not displaying enticing images of the website or service you provide (or want to promote) can result in a potential prospect viewing your site, e-newsletter, brochure, or direct-mail piece but then "bouncing" to another website.

Virtually every photographic image needs to be edited or touched up, whether to enhance it to make an outstanding impression or to resize and optimize it so that it's suitable for the medium in which it will be presented. But without the trained eye of a professional photo editor, attempts to edit a single image or batches of images can be frustrating and even fruitless.

Warren Camp is proficient at photo editing. On his Mac computers, he has mastered the Adobe Photoshop application, having invested more than 26 years in editing photo journalism images for events, products, seasonal promotions, photo albums and slideshows, and more for individuals, organizations, churches, missionaries, and businesses seeking increased visibility for their marketing, advertising, and display campaigns.

If you already have high-quality photo images, great. If not, Warren would be happy to perform his digital artistry for you, editing your challenging images (blurred, under- or over-exposed, faded). He delights in enhancing photos using an arsenal of Photoshop techniques: creating borders and frames; adding a page curl; restoring color; antiquing, sharpening, highlighting, vignetting, and retouching images; adding reflections or text; toning with sepia; making collages and composites; converting to pencil sketches, paint-by-number, watercolors, charcoals, silkscreens, and pastels; changing colors; fabricating the comic book look; creating composites or montages and storyboards; four pages of amazing dramatic effects; the famous Andy Warhol design, and so on.

Where to begin?  Know your options and see many of these WCD before-and-after photo edit comparisons in addition to what's shown in the left column.

Don't wait any longer to showcase your highest-quality photo presentations. Contact Warren Camp Design today, at 209-795-7661, to discuss your upcoming campaign and learn how Warren can utilize his digital artistry skills to give prominence to your photos.