Andy Warhol's Completed Works

"Multiples" — Parts 1 and 2 — Collection of Warhol's Pop Art

Superstar Illustrator and Painter of the Pop Art Movement

Andy Warhol's inquisitive self-portrait multiple in blue

According to The Andy Warhol Foundation, Andy produced more then 100,000 pieces of art, made up of drawings, offset prints, paintings, photographs, silkscreens, record album covers, illustrations, wallpaper, sculpture, window displays, ads, and more. You can find a detailed biography of him and his work on this page.

Auction prices realized: Learn the prices that have been realized at Christie's and Sotheby's and other auction houses by clicking each page's thumbnails to enlarge them and reveal the results in the descriptive captions.

Two Pages of Warhol "Multiples"

Sample Warhol images: cat, Marilyn, Muhammad Ali

Page 1-A — Warhol's "Elvises," "Marilyns," "Maos," "Dollar Signs," "Monkeys," "Space Fruit," "Reigning Queens," "Electric Chairs," "Mickeys," "Chanel #5s," "Flowers," etc., including auction results

Sample Warhol images: panda, Coke bottle, Sarah Burnhardt, wicked witch

Page 1-B — Warhol's "Marlons," "Mona Lisas," "Shoes," "Jackies," "Athletes," "Camouflages," "Crosses," "Soup Cans," "Last Suppers," "Jaggers," "Cows," "Knives," etc., including auction results

 Five Pages of Warhol Work

Warhol's "Singles"
Page 1A(More than 70@)

Warhol's "Singles"
Page 1B(More than 80@)

Warren's Custom
"Warhol Effects"
Page 2 (More then 30@)

Warhol's "Multiples"
Page 3A(More than 35@)

Warhol's "Multiples"
Page 3B(More than 45@)

In addition to these five pages of Warhol creations and transformations,
see the large collection of WCD's unique photo edits on this page.

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