From Photo to Artwork

Convert Photos to Artistic Compositions

Take a look at Warren's other artistic photo transition types on these five pages:

•  Pencil          •  Painting          •  Watercolor          •  Pastel          •  Charcoal          •  Silkscreen

Photo of model girl that Warren used to create all of the sketch examples below.

Start with Photoshop's Sketch Filters

Artistic Sketches  Ask painter artists and they'll tell you that all the tubes of paint in the world cannot replace the simple pencil when it comes to artistic potential. Through the centuries, the litmus test of an artist's ability was best shown through the medium of pencil drawing.

Today, thanks to Adobe Photoshop's creative offerings, there are numerous sketch filters beyond the simple pencil sketch filter, painting filter, watercolor filter, pastel filter and charcoal filter. Sketch options are limitless.

Sketch filters can add texture to images, whether for a 3-D effect or for creating a fine-arts or hand-drawn look. Many of these sketch filters use the foreground and background color as they redraw the image.

In the list below, you can find descriptions of 14 Photoshop sketch filters, along with examples of each effect. At the bottom of this page are five links to pages highlighting Warren's latest artistic composition creations.

With a practiced hand, Warren Camp can transform regular digital photos into works of art, turning most photographed images into sketches and paintings that appear to be made by hand. As you'll see in the following images, using only the photo of the young model at the right, Warren created an array of attractive sketches.

Click these three thumbnail images to enlarge them so you can
see the collection of detailed sketches. Click again to reduce them.

Set number 1 of four sketch filter examples of the model girl

First set of sketch filters

Set number 2 of four sketch filter examples

Second set

Set number 3 of four sketch filter examples

Third set

14 Popular Photoshop Sketch Filters

Click "Example" to sample individual sketch filters in this list.

   See all six varieties of Warren's latest photo-to-artistic-composition creations.

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