Add Reflection to Photos

Use Reflection in a Variety of Formats

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Letter tiles that spell H E L P suggest that you ask Warren to help you add a reflection to a photo

Reflection in photos adds dimension  Help draw attention to your lackluster photos by adding reflection — a mirror image. When applied appropriately, reflection makes key components, as well as the overall image, stand out nicely.

Warren Camp Design has been adding reflection to photos for decades. In addition to individual photos, he has incorporated reflection photos in a variety of formats, as shown on three reflection pages.

  •  Photos  Click the ten images on this page to reveal a variety of reflection types and styles.
  •  Brochures, Fliers, Bulletins, Posters  On the next page, see reflection images added to different kinds of documents.
  •  Newsletters, Websites, Emails  Reflection photos appear in a number of newsletters and WCD web pages and emails shown on this page.

Reflection Added to Photos

Before and after images of a sparrow bathing in a pedistal birdbath.The reflection that Warren created for this image gives the illusion that the birdbath floats on a pool of water.

Bathing sparrow shakes his head

Click the image to see the applied reflection.

Before and after images of a stained glass church cross with text to which Warren applied reflection.Adding reflection gives depth to the stained-glass cross and name of Warren's church.

Stained-glass cross

Click the image to see the applied reflection.

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Photos  |  Brochures, Fliers, Bulletins, Posters  |  Newsletters, Websites, Emails

In addition to these three photo reflection pages,
see the large collection of WCD's unique photo edit pages in the left column.

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